Companion Course - How Kind People Get Tough

 Video, worksheets, checklists, and exercises based on the book content. It will help you put the tools, tips, and techniques into practice. 
About This Course
About This Course
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Worksheets and Guides
Assertiveness Beliefs Checklist.pdf
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Conscious Kindness Checklist
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The Subtle Practice Of Outlining.pdf
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One Powerful Way To Make Sure Youre Heard.pdf
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Language Styles Match the Words Game.pdf
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Master the Art of Saying No.pdf
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Anger Release Steps Worksheet.pdf
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Empowering Words and Phrases.pdf
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The 90 10 Percent Guideline for Self-Worth.pdf
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Intentional Life Plan
Identifying Your Rewards.pdf
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Creating Your Vision.pdf
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Assertiveness Life Areas.pdf
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Boundaries in My Life.pdf
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How to Be Acknowledged.pdf
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How to Be Heard.pdf
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How to Reclaim Your Time.pdf
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How to Say No.pdf
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How to Say Im Angry.pdf
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How to Say - Enough.pdf
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How to Know Where You Stand.pdf
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How to Stop Rescuing and Start Supporting.pdf
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Learn EFT to Master Overwhelming Emotions.mp4
8 mins
How to Attract the Right People IntoYour Life.pdf
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Contact and About
Contact and About.pdf
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Exceptional Life Community