Say Goodbye To Anxiety: Master Your Mindset

Learn how to create an anxiety free life.

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Module 1: Anxiety Myths and Habits That Sabotage You Part One
Taking the Correct Path
3 mins
What does anxiety disorder really mean?
2 mins
Focusing on your do want's
3 mins
All or nothing gets you nowhere
2 mins
Notice your words
2 mins
Homework Anxiety Myths and Habits
163 KB
Module 2: Your 5-Step Goal Plan
Deeper Exploration Questions.pdf
157 KB
Your 5-Step Goal
8 mins
5 Step Goal Plan Homework Example.pdf
96 KB
93.9 KB
Module 3: Master Your Anxious Thoughts
We Become What We Think About.mp4
10 mins
The Tweaking Thoughts Technique.mp4
7 mins
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Module 4: The Reminder Dip
The Reminder Dip.mp4
3 mins